What's New?

Vaccine LMIS R2.8 Release – Highlights

vLMIS R2.8 release provides the updates/enhancement for users of public sector working in supply chain at various levels. Main highlights of enhanced features are as follows:


Federal and Provincial level EPI Warehouse Inventory Management module is enhanced. A stock requisitions (demands) from provinces to federal users is provided. In vLMIS R2.8 the provincial stores are now able to fill, and submit the requisition form to federal store as per their assigned quota. Meanwhile the federal store user can also see and issue stock based on requisition made by provinces as per their assigned quota.

Store Dashboards is added to get the situation of EPI Procurements and Supply Chain Management. The dashboard shows Incoming Shipments Details, Live cold and freezer rooms store capacity versus utilization, Vaccine/ Non-Vaccine stock sufficiency in terms of months of stocks.

A shipment Module is added to get the details of shipments in pipeline and provide green light to vaccine manufacturer to deliver stocks on specific dates. This module enables user to decide stock receiving on specific dates. This module will also help user in identifying space occupation/ allocation based on current stock, requisitions and other pipeline shipments. Federal users can now add new shipment, search shipments and can add details of shipment before arrival. Further users can also create receive voucher and automatic Vaccine Arrival Report (VAR).

Expiry Alerts are provided on the top of the screen that will alert users about the stocks going to be expired soon.

Vaccine Coverage Reports are enriched with summary and detail Options on all levels i.e. provincial, district, Tehsil/Town/Taluka and Union council level.

Miscellaneous updates/enhancements are also done which are as follows:

  1. Back date entry provision in inter-transfer of vaccine usage purposes screen.
  2. Placement of stocks information inclusion in stock issue and receive vouchers prints
  3. Provided preview option of the voucher before permanent save
  4. For monitoring of vLMIS use, a creation date is added in issue voucher
  5. To give more meaning Vaccine Stock Status and Wastage Report, live birth target column is added.

Sustainability of vLMIS: As a step to giving admin rights to federal store user, an interface is provided with provisions to add a location, store/ facility, and users.

In Consumption Data Entry Screen Rota virus vaccine is added.