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Vaccine LMIS R2.9 Release – Highlights

vLMIS R3 release provides the updates/enhancement for users of public sector working in supply chain at various levels. All the requirements were generated by the stakeholders, tested and approved during the UAT and requires no additional resources for implementation.


Main highlights of enhanced features are as follows:


Inventory Management Module:

In Stock Issue Form, the manufacturer short name is added with batch details so that user can identify correct diluent of a vaccine from same manufacturer.

Stock Movement / Purpose Transfer Search is added in the inventory management to track the vaccine  transfer movement purpose i.e. from campaign to routine immunization vaccine etc. 

Federal EPI cold chain dashboard is enhanced with further drill down to view all cold and freezer rooms utilization status i.e. which vaccines are placed in cold room along utilization of space percentage.

Cold Chain Equipment Management (CCEM) Module

CCEM module was reviewed by Federal EPI Managers and UNICEF (CCEOP) officers and suggested few enhancements in the module. Key enhancements are list as below:

·         Add Refrigerator Screen: In Add Catalog ID If it is WHO PQS equipment, the refrigerator type, price and power source fields are mandatory for data entry and if not, then the dimensions and capacity related field’s value is to be set as zero. Voltage regulator availability with refrigerator added

·         Add Trucks/Van Cold Chain Capacity

·         Add Generators links with cold room

·         In Cold Chain Inventory status update heat and freezer alarm for Cold Room and Freezer are added

·         Show cold chain inventory last update information on all search forms.

In Consumption Data Entry Outreach Column was removed from Outside union council as now being redundant


·         Vaccine Drop Out Rate,  Stock Status Wastage and Distribution Reports  

·         Monthly Category Wise Coverage Report

·         UC wise Access and Utilization of Pentavalent Report

Sustainability of vLMIS: As a step towards sustainability, provincial admin user now has rights to add a location, store/ facility, and users.  

System Usage Stats: System usage stats, webserver logs, system availability and uptime, pages click paths, list of active logged in users are implemented to provide a holistic 360* view of the system usage and performance at every level

Interfacing: In this release, a hallmark milestone was establishing synergies by interfacing services data with logistics data between PITB-eVaccs and vLMIS in Punjab.